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    • Very minimalistic 8GB of storage won't get you very far especially if you want to get iOS updates. 😜

      iOS 12 upgrade is 2.77GB and needs even more space to unpack it (conservatively 5GB of free space just to upgrade). I'm also a heavy iCloud Drive and iCloud Photo Library user, paying $10 per month for 2TB of cloud storage, yet I can't see myself having a phone with less than 64GB of storage.

      Just to give you an example:

      If you go on a weekend trip to a national park and plan on taking photos and videos there is high chance of not having reception at all or minimal bandwidth at best. So all of the photos and videos must be stored on your phone until they can be safely backed up to the iCloud. This actually happened to my girlfriend, when she ran out of storage mid hike and had to start deleting old photos on the go. That took away the fun of taking photos and enjoying the views.