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    • A G+ Community, currently moderated and focused on certain aspects of off-grid living; is looking for a new home. Many like to post photos and videos of their gardening and renewable energy projects. Others simply have a question or need to discuss an issue. Would that work here? This is a target post for that community and others with interest to discuss pros and cons. - a link back to the community mentioned above; and below a random photo.

    • Hi Cade,

      Thanks for checking us out! That's quite an awesome community you have on G+. I could spend hours reading the things your members post about gardens, solar panels, surplus storage, etc.

      We don't really have sub communities in the same way Google+ does, we're more like Instagram or Twitter in that you assign topics to a conversation when you create it. I see you did that, so one of the things you can do is create topics unique to your community like off the grid, surplus storage, etc.

      We actually had moderated subcommunities on our roadmap when we started but there are some tradeoffs to make with them, such as all the additional features they require. We thought it best to stay simple in the beginning, and we saw services like Instagram have success with it.

      Anyway, thanks again for considering us.