When you sign up as a new user of Cake, you are granted eight separate views of the Cake universe of conversations.

But you may only be seeing one of them right now.

Note: In your browser, you will need to open two windows to both read the instructions and try out the different views. If you have an iphone and want to download the Cake app, click here


View #1 Following

At the top of every conversation, including this one, is a dark blue button marked FOLLOW. Click it and the button turns to light blue and is now marked FOLLOWING.

Now in the top left of your screen, click the red C to get to the home screen.

You will see four separate menu options, indicating the timeline views: For You, Following, Featured, and All.

Click the Following menu and you will see all of the conversations you chose to follow. If you post or reply to a conversation, those conversations will also show up here.


View #2 Following Active Conversations

It would be nice if we could view first any followed conversations that have new activity.

Top left of the screen is a white button marked “Interesting”. Click the button and change the filter view to Active.

Conversations with unread new responses will have a 🔵 next to them.


View #3 All Conversations

Now let’s see every conversation in the Cake universe.

At the top of your screen, click on the ALL menu option. You are now in the All timeline.

You now see every conversation in Cake, sorted in order of the freshest conversations. It’s a great way to discover new topics to add to your FOR YOU timeline.

View #3.5 Topics

In the All timeline, click on one of the topics listed under a conversation. You are now viewing all of the conversations for that topic, from most recent to the beginning of time.

If you aren’t already following this topic, click the FOLLOW button below the topic name. Any new conversations to this topic will now appear in your For You Timeline.

View #4 For You

Now in the top left of your screen, click the red C to get to the home screen.

At the top of your screen, click on the For You menu option. You are now in the For You timeline.

This is what you will always see first when you log in to Cake, click the red C, or click the 🏠 at the bottom of your screen.

This view shows all conversations for the topics you are currently following. You can change the filter to Active and your view will stay that way until you change it. Cake is still growing, so you may want to spend most of your time on the ALL timeline until you’ve added a few more topics that you didn’t even know existed.

Views #5-8

I’ll leave it up to you to explore the Featured timeline, as well as the other combinations of filters and timelines not already discussed.


The above may appear confusing at first, but spend ten minutes trying out the different combinations of timelines and filters. You’ll start to see conversations that were invisible to you until now. And you’ll expand and deepen your enjoyment of the Cake community.