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    • I just got back from a 5000+ image weekend in Orange County mostly to shoot the 2019 McKenna Subaru Surf City Surf Dog event (freelance). I had no idea what to expect. I had been following the event for few years and knew at the very least I could capture a shot for my annual custom Appointment Calendar.  This particular event is appropriately located at the dog beach in Huntington Beach at Golden West Blvd. and the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). The surf looked pretty big for animals but these pooches were barking for barrels!

      As soon as Kentucky (human) and Derby (surf dog extreme) showed up I knew I had my shot.

    • The aforementioned terrier was able to perform the hang ten surfing maneuver on the surfboard. In 1944, a full page image of a surfing dog named “Rusty” was published in National Geographic magazine. In the 1950s, UPI published a photograph of Joseph “Scooter Boy” Kaopuiki and his dog Sandy surfing in Hawaii, which was published in newspapers throughout the United States. During this time, they were also reported about on the television show You Asked For It!. Dave Chalmers and his surfing terrier mix named Max, both from San Diego, California, were featured in several forms of media in the late 1970s through the 1980s, including surf movies and a television appearance on the show Amazing Animals.

      This is not Rusty.

    • A Labrador Retriever named Kam was documented in Honolulu, Hawaii surfing partially lying down while simultaneously drinking from a bottle of beer.

      The McKenna Subaru Surf City Surf Dog®, the world-famous premier event on the dog surfing circuit is held annually in late September in Surf City USA. The event brings together the community, surfers, dog lovers, families & pets for a day of fun and “fund”raising at one of Southern California’s most pristine beaches – Huntington Dog Beach!

      This is Derby the Surf Dog below...

    • The organizer quit dialogue-ing with me about credentials but it ended up that there were plenty of photogs shooting without vests and in fact with the water current, the media vest photogs got stuck shooting within a certain area whereas we could roam.

    • Of all animals, I enjoy being around dogs...but, sort of like children, for very short periods of time. LOL But, these dogs were so up for this and you could tell they loved being amongst their other canine surf buddies.

    • Everyone was having a good time and even though some of the waves were pretty big for these barrel barking surf dogs, I think humans were even inspired to take up surfing.

    • As with any sporting event, not everyone was into surfing. This gorgeous pooch was wearing his LA Rams fan ball cap and probably had a sense that his team was going to get clobbered by the Bucs that afternoon in his stadium. lol

    • I thoroughly enjoyed shooting this event and I got that "one" image for my annual custom calendar so I am stoked. Thanks to Derby the surfing dog!

      One more shot for the road...

    • What is great and makes takes $$$ to manage a DOG BEACH, so this event raises money to manage that resource that people love bringing their dogs to. Instead of just expecting city government to manage it.

    • You can only imagine being around him. Yes, the sunglasses and the blue mohawk make him uber cool...but, very well behaved but very doglike. Occasionally I make up funny bookmarks to give out to my customers....since the visual of dog surfing is so bizarre, this will be a fun one to hand out.