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    • it was ignorance that killed the cat, and curiosity was framed.

      I loved this. Had we been in a bar, I would have bought you a beer to celebrate your mastery of English. But since I'm just in my living room and on the Internet I was able to find that it came from C.J. Cherryh, a writer I was not familiar with. It also took less than 10 seconds to find out what arcology meant, which I also didn't know. I sure am glad to have Google--it certainly satisfies curiosity and used with caution dispels ignorance as well. OTOH, corresponding with Sterling to ask about something in Gibson is pretty cool, not to mention resourceful.

    • Regarding C.J. Cherryh: In my opinion her three best series are 1. The Chanur series (This is the earliest of these) 2. The Fortress series (This is in the Fantasy Genre.) and the on-going Foreigner series.

      Considering the level of writing which she has achieved in the past, I am occasionally disappointed in some of the novels within the Foreigner series, but as a series, it is very good.

      You may notice in reading these (and some of her other writings) that difficulties in communication between people of different cultures and differing paradigms is a recurring theme in her writing.

    • You certainly fooled me that English wasn't your first language. You write English sentences than most of us who are native speakers.

      I have to admit that having Alexa near where I work has caused me to shout across the room things like "Alexa, what does arcology mean?" That even though I'm sitting at my keyboard. 😳