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    • When was the last time you've had a chance to truly disconnect from the world of screens and buzzing notifications? Are we losing the personal connection and the human touch with people around us even though we feel "connected"?

      On my recent camping trip I contemplated these questions around the campfire. For hours we sat in a circle of friends, sharing stories of adventure, persevearance and triumph. I felt truly connected with my friends and got to know them on a whole new level. Would any amount of texts or pics shared on Facebook, Instagram and others have connected us like that? I don't think so.

      Am I the only one who feels nostalgic about the simple joy of unplugging yet truly connecting?

    • There’s something about it.

      It’s not just the warmth. It’s not the beauty of the flickering flames or the sound of the crackling wood.

      It’s tens of thousands of years of our primevil burning in front of us. Bonding people around it from the time this first one was lit. Thanks for the thread interesting thoughts.

    • I sometimes feel nostalgic for the Internet of the 90s, which was a pain in the ass to use and you had to dial into your ISP with a modem and sometimes your connection got dropped because someone picked up the phone.

      The technology was limited, browsers were terrible, websites were hideous, but there was just something about it that the Internet lacks now. Every time you got online it felt special, even if all you were doing was using Lycos to find new X-Files fan pages on Geocities.

      I think my feelings of nostalgia are partly because it had a little bit of that same special feeling of sitting around a campfire, surrounded by the unknown, isolated from the real world, sharing stories and experiences with people.