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    • We did!! Great theater, 1,100-person capacity crowd, big names were there + media, and I felt mobbed by people I knew until the wee hours.

      Everyone I saw there had read my various stories about Steve Jobs and were asking for more. Some conversations about Cake. Andy Hertzfeld is willing to sit down with us and give feedback on Cake's design, navigation, etc.

      Great feedback about the movie. Hopefully it gets picked up by Netflix or Amazon.

      I flew the flag and wore my General Magic T.

    • I got invited to the movie premiere by @Chris at the California Theatre in downtown San Jose. I honestly didn't know what to expect so I came way too early, but all dressed up. While waiting for @Chris, Toni and @Kevin to come I snapped a photo of the billboard:

    • Once we got in, there were people everywhere! Seems like everyone was excited to reconnect and see old friends and make new ones. With all of the conversations around it got pretty loud and we could hardly hear each other so we reserved to hand signals to communicate:

    • The theater was packed but we got some great seats to enjoy it on the first level of the theater. As more and more people piled in, one of the attendants asked me to put the phone away so this is the last shot I took about 10 minutes before the movie started: