Part 5: After the demo, Andy sent him home with a Teletouch. Putting one in Steve’s hand was entirely different from lending one to any other busy person. They might turn it on for 15 minutes to get the gist but Steve sent Telecards back and forth to Andy for a couple of weeks. He wasn’t one to miss any details. Steve told Andy that after using it he thought the touchscreen keyboard was a good design choice.

Steve would have seen the amazing stamps that Susan Kare designed to place on Telecards. Susan had been Apple’s first artist and was NeXT’s Creative Director before coming to General Magic. She designed our brilliant logo. Placing a thumbs-up icon on a message to show that you liked it felt like something which could catch on.  

Unlike the first iPhone, we had applications and AT&T was building a marketplace on their network. My favorite was maps from StreetLight that gave you turn-by-turn directions. Oh my God. That felt like an app everyone would love. I don’t know whether Steve got to see it.