Part 6: The most persuasive man in tech no longer appeared to be Steve, but our CEO Marc Porat. Marc had produced a detailed vision of the product while at Apple. He collected a team of legends, persuaded brands like Apple, Sony, Motorola and AT&T to join, and prepared to take the company public on a concept, led by Goldman Sachs. 

Every great story needs a villain, and Steve’s was John Sculley. When Steve drove his new silver Mercedes to NeXT and showed it off in the parking lot, we glanced at each other and wondered if the first sign of middle age had arrived. He had two loud, black, air-cooled Porsche 911s that he drove like bats out of Hell, and we were cool with those. But this?

I think it was Mike Slade who suggested a possible way to have him get rid of it: tell him we heard Sculley bought that model too.

Steve’s nemesis had made General Magic possible by allowing Marc Porat to spin it out of Apple. Sculley served on General Magic’s board. He had been considered a marketing genius when the Mac regained momentum after Steve was forced out.

He became General Magic’s villain too when he surprised us and released the Newton, which competed with us and discredited the category.