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    • if you are the slightest bit adventurous or know anyone that is you have most likely heard about Backcountry and the negativity against the brand recently.

      If not, Backcounty claimed the rights the word 'BACKCOUNTRY' and then systymatically started going after other smaller compaines who had backcountry in their name, handing out lawsuits like candy on Halloween.

      Needless to say this didn't get accepted to well in the outdoor community, its a kin to claiming 'whiskey' or tire' belongs to you and no one else can use the word or they will get sued

      Outside magazine wrote an excellent piece about the backlash and back peddling of the company and their CEO Jonathan Nielsen

      So what are your thoughts...?

    • I've been following this mess. It's amazing an outdoor company would do something like this but they did. For me it soured me on ever considering doing business with them no matter how much back peddling they do. It is unforgivable the amount of damage they attempted to do to other businesses.

    • sadly they are just like a big bully, no one can challenge them at their level in court so most have already had to backdown, some companies have already changed their names and will probably be ruined because of the cease and desists

      But it is very short sighted of the CEO that these companies/ people would go away quietly, the fall out in business for Backcountry must have been massive and deservidly so. For an act like this the millions of people who are potential customers ALL have other options. The mind boggles

      I wonder how Amazons outdoor products sales have increased over the same period