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    • Just finished this awesome Sci Fi thriller by the amazing Alex Garland (director of Ex Machina, Sunshine, 28 days/weeks later).

      There's so many ways it can be interpreted and I'm interested to hear how others interpreted it.

    • Wait, what? I saw your pic, saw it had Netflix on the front, and got really excited. I searched Netflix last night near midnight thinking, I'm gonna lose two hours of sleep but so worth it.

      But theaters? A Netflix in theaters? I quickly checked showtimes but no midnight showings. Damn. Maybe this weekend.

    • I just noticed that last night as well, I happened to obtain the movie via.... other methods, so I didn't even notice it wasn't actually on Netflix. Apparently it's available for streaming in a few other countries, but they decided to do a theatrical release in the US.

    • I enjoyed it, but it got very dark and trippy towards the end. I think I liked that about it though, that it played with the mind, and how things can interact and what expedited evolution might look like. I liked how it played with peoples minds as it played with their physical makeup. I like this director and their previous movies. I think 28 Days Later is an epic defying the zombie genre and taking it to new heights cinematically. That being said, I like Ex Machina as well. Annihilation was my least favorite of these three, but I give it credit for going where it went!

    • I loved that they didn't stray away from showing you what they wanted to show you. I think a lot of thriller movies would've used a lot of cuts during the scene at the lighthouse (no spoilers), but they made sure you were viscerally aware of what was happening. Same thing with things you see earlier in the movie, they're not shy to make the audience uncomfortable in a trade off for the release of each scenes resolution.

      Out of his movies I'd rank them

      1. Ex Machina
      2. Annihilation
      3. Sunshine
      4. 28 days/weeks Later

    • Ok, it took longer than a weekend to get to it. I too saw the netflix and thought it would be there and had to resort to other means to see it.
      Not a fan. Granted, I'm not much of a movie guy in the first place, but I did see Ex Machina and thought it was fantastic and worth watching again. This, I would have to watch again just to try and understand what they were going for, but I don't see that happening.

    • I loved it. Saw it on internet, so I can't speak to the visuals, whch I understand are gorgeous on a large screen.

      First and foremost, what appealed to me was the implacable nature of the threat. And its subtlety. Not your normal alien invasion and scarier for it. I thought the writing and the performances were very good. I'll allow that there are some issues with the plot. But I found the denoument satisfying and reasonable, and the sting perfect.

      It's interesting that others are also comparing this to Arrival, even though they're different in important ways. But I, too, find myself thinking of the two of them as companions of a kind.

      Loved Ex Machina too.