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    • Once again I find myself struggling to find an answer to this. Soft, fuzzy, smooth, course and the multitudes of items that fall in the textures range that we use every day. Soap, water, bubbles, clean sheets, grass under our feet, calloused familiar hands, the list goes on of course. Maybe I make these harder than they have to be, maybe that means I actually think about it. Maybe, it means that I very much dislike choosing the obvious and my need to be different shines through. (I actually wrote a blog post that included addressing this need to not follow the pack.)

      Instead, I chose something I love, something that is never the same and includes many textures within its genre. Architecture. I'm grateful for the texture of architecture. Architecture has intrigued me ever since I can remember, probably one of the first times I went into the city of Chicago as a kid I was hooked. The shapes, lines, shadows, reflections and the oh so many variations. And yes, the textures. Stone, wood, glass, marble, brick and metal and any combination of such. Just so many possibilities.

    • Okay, today my favorite texture, that I am really grateful for, is ”furry”. This cat, Kiki, came into my life about two years ago. She just oozes fur. Every part of her body is furry and fuzzy and so soft. I love to run my hands all over her and lightly grab her rolls of fat covered in her soft colorful fur. A close second favorite texture was rusty metal. As a photographer, rusty metal in its various forms and colors and of course, the amazing texture is so compelling.