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    • Chris MacAskill

      Even I forgot about that time I invited the directors of The General Magic Movie, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, to a Cake panel. Tribeca in New York was an incredible week because the film was a long time in coming, me and some of my friends who I greatly admire were in it, and it was expensive to produce.

      It was also significant because while in New York, I commenced stalking @Victoria to help us with Cake panels. She blew me off. 😢 I thought to myself: everyone wants Victoria to work with them, what made us think we could get her?

      Anyway, several times after Tribeca I attended screenings and asked @MattMaude , one of the film's directors, how it was going. He and @Sara , the other director stayed relentless and won first place in some festivals, including The Napa Film Festival. And now National Geographic is airing it in the UK. Persistence and hard work paid off.

      (I said 'our film' in the title.) I did the math and it turns out I deserve credit for .01% of it. 😁

    • It was also significant because while in New York, I commenced stalking @Victoria to help us with Cake panels.

      Glad that your stalking paid off!


    • watched the movie on Nat Geo 2 nights ago. So complex at times, visionary, and everything the magicians thought about came to be.

      The Magicians alumni ( is that the correct term)... iPod / iPhone ... iWatch... top jobs in Apple., creator of eBay, Android creator... SmugMug (!) .... cto of the usa...

      and, what also struck me.. is how much it hurt when the business failed. The passion for the project was real, hearts and souls poured into it...