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    • I'll occasionally run across a program like "Later With Jools Holland" or maybe "Live at Daryl's House" on MTV. Both feature more casual performances that sometimes result in something i would never have heard (or seen) and I like that.

      How do you discover new music?

    • I have Apple Music, so I use that all the time. I also find YouTube to be a really good resource for finding good music. What kind of music do you like the most?

    • My kids. You tube random selections. Advrider what are your listening to thread. Sirius/xm deep tracks has turned me on to some old bands I never heard of. My favorite would be the advrider WTF thread. Lots of stuff gets posted there that is actually quite interesting.

    • Spotify playlists are great. I’ve passively discovered more music there then anywhere else. By discover I mean they curate and I listen.

    • I use Spotify also, but I find their picks a bit redundant and sometimes stale for Hip Hop. My daily mixes don’t get updated with new channels that I listen to - like Discover Weekly, etc.

    • I browse Freegal. It's a music streaming and download service for libraries. The local library's plan allows each patron 3 hours streaming per day and 5 downloads per week. The interface has been pretty obtuse so I make time to flounder around. The local library director says they're rolling out an all-new interface soon.

    • True, i'll also admit that there are definitely songs I LOVE and have no idea who the artist is.

      What Spotify playlists do you like for Hip Hop?

    • Spotify and others like it are great ways to hear new stuff too. I usually need to keep something around to tell me what's playing if I like it.

      I kinda like the MTV stuff because you're likely to hear several songs or maybe even a whole concert. Like tonight, David Gilmour's concert at Royal Albert Hall is playing. Being a Pink Floyd fan, it's a great listen. Plus, Graham Nash and David Crosby are guest performers.

      I never knew Gilmour had received a lifetime ban from the venue after a concert in didn't last long, just 8 months.

    • I recently started using Google Play music and am finding a lot of new to me to listen to. Also Spotify. I recently made a post on my FB page asking for suggestions, that gave me a whole list of bands/musicians I had never heard of.

    • I follow a few friends with good taste on Apple Music. I still see local bands at small venues here in Brooklyn, and occasionally find an intriguing opener that I’ll follow on Facebook to keep on top of upcoming gigs and releases.

    • YouTube used to be a great place to find lots of undiscovered talent. There's still lots there, but unfortunately their masters do everything can can to steer the masses to the Beibers and Beyonces..

    • I do follow a few friends on Spotify too. Every so often I post "I need new music" on my fb page and get so many great suggestions. My husband & I see a lot of local/small venue bands too, we love it.

    • The Spotify features that I miss most are the ease of friending people and following what other Spotify users are listening to. Friending on Apple Music is cumbersome - you actually have to send mail to the user - and the process comes off as spammy and weird. For those who I am following, I can see what albums they’re listening to, but not the actual songs.

    • I just realized on Spotify yesterday that on the app on my laptop I can follow friends but on the web version I can not (or I couldn't figure out how). Then I went to try to find my friend on my app and couldn't find her. Sometimes things are more complicated than they should be!