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    • I’’m pretty amazed to see it get the attention it’s starting to get. I shrugged when it came out. I didn’t think it had a chance against Chrome with all of Google’s ability to get installs and throw engineers at it. Plus it mostly seemed like a skin on Chrome’s engine.

      They went through a few rounds of seed financing and I thought they’d never be able to raise enough money but somehow they did a coin offering and raised $35 million. Now they have an amazingly large and impressive team.

      The main thing, though, is it has become a joy to use. They figured out a way to make it incredibly fast. On those sites that are so littered with ads they feel broken in Chrome, Brave seems to clean them right up. I love it

    • The three of you who report using the BraveBrowser - @Shewmaker, @Chris, and @LuckyLady - Are you using it on your iPhone, and Ansdroid phone, or a desktop computer, Windows or Mac variety - Or maybe both or even, all of the above??

      I will begin with my iPad Pro, I think....

      Suggestions pro or con, or other advise?

    • Here is my first post via the Brave browser, and it is definitely faster than the Safari browser on my iPad Pro. So far, so good...

    • Here I am on my iPhone on Brave. It works great on Cake. I can’t seem to get it to work with gmail. Every time I try to log into gmail, it transports me to Chrome. I’ve tried to set Brave as the default browser, there are instructions for that online, but to no avail.

      Some sites like Reddit put up a confusing screen that tries to direct you to the app or another browser. But if I tap continue, it works. Not that I care, I always use the app for Reddit anyway.

      It doesn’t block ads in the feed on Reddit.