I love family history and I'm fascinated with stories of my ancestors. I came across this post about creating an ancestor book (and having your kids illustrate it!) and I thought that was brilliant: http://www.71toes.com/2013/09/the-ancestor-book-and-scaffolding-of.html

I've started working on ours.

I came across this research a few years back about how knowing their family's history helps kids be more resilient:

That resonates with me. I often think about the positive characteristics of my parents and grandparents (and further back!) and how a piece of those are a part of me... somewhere! I also think reflecting on their circumstances, challenges, etc. can give us perspective. My Scottish ancestors had grit in spades, or so I imagine when I see photographs like this:

I was lucky to have a father who guessed at how significant their stories would be to their posterity. He went over to Scotland in the 80s with fancy video equipment and captured the stories of our oldest living relatives at the time. What a treasure to have stories to go with the photos.