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    • wow, you nailed it. Thank you that looks perfect.

      Riden’Dry bag, having its perfect air exchange, prevents bed smells, washing water stagnation, and this way protect clothes from dust and dirt.

      The laundry bag is composed of a double technical shell with highly resistant Nylon straps and D-rings in order to attach it easily on top of the soft or rigid bags, thanks to common straps (not included).

      The Velcro labyrinth closing has been studied specially to block dust or anything else. Therefore it is a very strong structure, occupying at the same time very little space in order to ”disappear” , once placed inside the bag.
      This item includes also strong Nylon cord with hooks and cursor regulator in order  to hang the clothes after washing. Next day everything will fit in the bag and the drying continues on the bike during the trip.

    • Bought one...used it to carry my Ivory Soap around Baja. Works exactly as advertised. No more slimy bars of soap for me. It's an unlikely luxury, not quite as good as agua caliente, but still good.