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    • Hello fellow cake people,

      I have been thinking about buying a camera to feed my hunger for good video recording. I did my "research" of about half hour on internets and found that Panasonic GH5 is a good camera to buy. The results I try to achieve are something similar to this guy's video :

      But since all my other camera gear is Nikon, it would be really great of I could use some of the lenses I already own.

      What do you recommend? Are there any others out there? Show me your wisdom.


    • Metabones makes some pretty awesome adapters converting from Canon/Nikon to many competing standards including m4/3. Some of them even retain basic electronic functionality, like autofocus. Their fanciest and fullest-featured adapters focus on Canon, though, and the Nikon->m4/3 lineup is pretty basic. For example, they offer a Canon EF->m4/3 adapter Cine speedbooster, which would be perfect for you if they had developed one for Nikon (they didn't).

      Regardless, nothing will be as full-featured as the m4/3 native lens lineup (i.e.: Panasonic's own line of awesome lenses). You might find it satisfying to re-use your nikon lens lineup, but eventually, if you are like me, you will realize that the concessions kind of diminish the value of the system...I just maintain two separate complete systems...a DSLR system, and a mirrorless system. I have adapted my DSLR lenses to my Oly OM-D, because I really really enjoy the spectacular images I get from my f/1.4 prime, or my constant f/2 zooms. But it's not really a stretch to me to adapt my dslr lenses, because I lose no functionality in doing so...they're all Olympus lenses, and completely compatible, once adapted. Going from Nikon-> m4/3 would require a decent amount of compromise, like my adapted canon tilt-shift lense, or my adapted classic SLR lenses.

    • Thank you so much for this answer. I agree with you and have come to understand that I just have the climb the iceberg again with Panasonic system. Much appreciated.

      Now is anyone selling a gh5 cheap :D ?