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    • Loving the opening slideshow shot on your site!

      Most of the shots there are of the bikes, but you have a few with people in action. I have a soft spot for bikes in the wild posed just right, but I find working with people a lot more challenging. How do you get the rider in the shot to look so natural instead of looking stiff?

      For example, I tried to stay relaxed and natural in that shot, but I was still subconsciously too self aware.

    • Cheers, yeah most of them are for magazine work and the Editor likes stylish portraits of the bikes.
      Most of the people ones are for the 'Punter's Pics' section of the mag too - and that 'me and my bike pose' is the required format. I usually snap them at a dealership. I agree that a natural setting presents more of a challenge.

    • That makes a lot of sense for the magazine shoot. I guess with a proper photoshoot the expectations are set and the timeline is a bit longer so they can be more relaxed.