On social media anything relating to psychology can feel like a third rail of “don’t talk about that!

Which is probably a very good thing: you don’t want someone relying on social media for counseling or support if they’re going through serious psychological distress. 

I’ve seen it play out multiple times on Twitter and the scariest thing is when someone appears to be making a cry for help and then ghosts.

When I was in college, I went through training to be a counselor in their drop-in center. My training class was all fourth year psychology majors and me, a business major.

People were constantly cut from the program because it was intense. 

I made it through the first round, but then hit the limits of my natural counseling abilities when we went through practice suicide calls. You have to be so in the moment and the wrong word or phrase can instantly lose rapport and cause the person to hang up and possibly do self-harm.

So generally speaking, I’m comfortable having a conversation on the sports psychology involved in getting premier athletes to perform at their highest levels again after a demoralizing loss or injury.

Or discussing the merits of growth mindset psychology in education.

Or discussing how to improve the group dynamics of project teams through the use of team building games.

What’s your comfort level in discussing psychology online?


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