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    • Yell "FIRE" in a crowded movie theatre.

      Is it exercising your freedom of speech?

      We know it isn't. Use that reference as a litmus test, when reading a post.

      Simplest benchmark I can think of.

    • I've been thinking about this:

      the site owners have to have the strength to resist the easy option... if a post is inflammatory, it gets nuked...

      "yo mamma" was where all of the inflammatory posts went on advrider. The mods who policed that section would be ideal for policing cake. Apply the same criteria, if it belongs in the basement.. then it doesn't belong on cake.

      I like it here.. it's polite and troll free.. i really hope it stays like this.

    • I've become a firm believer in ruthless moderation. My view is that it's the simplest way to enforce the rules. It's Pavlovian training of the writers, if you will. Actually, after looking it up, I find that it's called "operant conditioning." No need to be unpleasant, just firm and as consistent as possible (not an easy task, I grant you.)

    • I listened to a great interview of Kevin Systrom, the co-founder of Instagram, and he said from the very first day they decided their policy was nuke the trolls. If you were there to make trouble or make people feel bad, they simply nuked you. It seems to have worked.

    • I don't mind being beaten up. It has taught me things I'd have otherwise never had learned about myself and others. Yes it hurts, and am not able to do it to others on purpose, ever. But the inn-yang of the universe needs both good and evil. Just my .02 cents, could be totally off. Not sure if you meant CSM either, I kind of abhor politics deep down, I feel its the worst part of humanity.

    • What I really meant about facebook, was a hypothetical rhetorical question on what position would it have taken, and what would it have become if it existed in the era of the second world war beginnings. We know what happened with radio and cultural media. And if so why? What drives man stronger towards evil? In today's world everyone wants simple black or white, yes or no answers. I think the emoji variety aren't enough.