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    • Yes, it's a thing and they sell them in Europe. Honda doesn't recommend mowing at more than 100 mph.

      Honda has made fast lawnmowers for awhile, but Viking stole their speed crown with this 134 mph beauty:

      So Honda put a 190 horsepower motorcycle engine in theirs to reclaim their crown. Honda, can I have one in the Silicon Valley for a day? I'll use a lot of GoPros to capture driver's expressions as I pull up to intersections next to their Teslas, and then get their heads exploding as I blow them off the line IN MY LAWNMOWER!! I can make that video go viral. Why haven't the Jackass boys already done this?

      Jessica Hawkins went 0-100 in 6.285 seconds. This could make short work of a lot of lawns I know.

    • The Viking at least has a roll bar - I mean, what could go wrong in a lawn mower going a 100 mph.

      I really do hope the mower blades are disconnected. Years ago when I was a suburbanite young physician, I cared for more than one person who got a foot or hand within the radius of the mower blades while mowing sitting on a riding mower - How they did that I never really understood.

      Yes, the Honda does need a roll bar too.

      I can see some interesting, outrageous video potential here though.

    • Evil Kneival would roll over in his grave if he knew Baldy successfully jumped the Grand Canyon in a LAWNMOWER! I can get you the gig, just give me the green light! Pun, not withstanding. lol

    • Hahaha!!!! That was AMAZING!! 96 million views. No electricity, pure talent, great song from AC/DC. They out red-necked American rednecks.

      Teacher: What instrument do you play? Musician: the anvil. πŸ˜‚

    • I loved that video, Chris. - He plays the anvil. I think I could even aspire to play an anvil - probably did when I was a kid. Such dry humor. A Danish band playing an Australian song no less

      Youtube is truly amazing, I rarely watch it - but I found this nearby on the same page - and its also well worth a listen even if its not really related to drag powered lawn mowers - just give her, Joanna Conner, 2 minutes to really get rolling - wow! 😎

    • Hahaha, we're totally off topic now but I don't care, it's my thread. I think YouTube is one of the greatest inventions of man.

      For example, my cousin* Danny grew up on the Isle of Skye with nothing to do but ride his bike. So he did a little YouTube to compare his tricks with a few others who tried similar tricks. It blew up and now he's world famous.

      Here are a few tricks you can try on your bike during your next wee day out:

    • I've not seen that one before. It is always to amazing to watch him ride impossible places for mere mortals. Jumping to a railroad track, I can just see so many problems that might arise with that trick. WoW!

      I've watched his videos for years, always with utter amazement and entertainment. But that one was new to me. Riding a bicycle backwards I have seen him do previously, but rolling on the moving round hay bale, that was something new.

      I remember watching the opening scenes 25 years ago in "Tread The Movie" and I was entranced with bicycles. Hmmm - I can't seem to find a link to it, or a place to watch it anymore, except on my own 25 year old VHS tape. But now my VCR won't play it anymore. I wonder why?? πŸ™€ Do they even make VHS players only any more? I don't find any on Amazon, that's a bad sign. I see Funai stopped making VHS tape recorders in 2016. Ah well....

    • I feel it important to let you know, as a public safety issue, that Honda has said, according reports in the press, that you can only mow at speeds up to πŸ’―.

      So in case you have hopes of impressing your neighbors with your speed mowing prowess on your 16 acres, I am sorry to disappoint you. Safety first.

    • I remember mowing my grandad's fields with a tractor and even as a 12 y/o trying to get the tractor into high gear and mis-judging the turnarounds..hahhahahaha

      As exhibited by these various videos, mastering the ability to "drift" makes you the winner! lol

    • Speaking of that Hollywood has completely exploited the Fast & Furious franchise with the latest of Hobbs & Shaw, maybe it is about time for the Producers of the slapstick SCARY MOVIE productions to come up with a lawn mower Fast & Furious spoof...starring of course the Steve'nSeagulls....of course, since these would be underwritten with the $millions from CAKE coffers (FOFLMAO), @Charles would need to be one of the actors/drivers. Of course @Victoria could be the primary love interest and driver like..

    • holy could a driver like that ever drive in normal traffic?

      So, as I was watching that amazing vid, it came to me this subtle backstory that was happening right before our eyes.

      Mr. George Bridgestone and his wife Sarah have been proud premium 275/20's and 265/20's Bridgestone tires their entire lives. Knowing their destiny was for some luxury soccer-mom SUV or CEO Executive limousine. Their parents before them were proudly mounted on the Lincoln's and Cadillac's of yesteryear.

      Their son Billy after watching too many YouTube videos and seeing hot chicks on Instagram, decided that his destiny was to end up with a Drifter. The glamour, the paparrazi...all so seductive.

      Billy's parents pleaded with him that the life of the Drifter tire is only good for one time, not the 5 years and 50,000 miles that their luxury car mates offered them.

      No, Billy said...that sounded too boring. He wanted rock and roll, he wanted pistons screaming for blood, he wanted his skin to be ripped right off him as he was able to move the driver through ridiculous tight turns and stunts.

      Billy's parents grounded him by hiding him in the back of the tire warehouse but even then the professional driver found Billy.

      Billy found his way on to the race car and from the very first burnout the exhilaration was everything his destiny called for. How long could he last? Could he go the distance without a blowout? The story of his one and only ride would live on in infamy! The drive went perfectly and Billy still had some thread left afterwards. Could he make it back to the shop and be retired?

      But, alas, no...some kid from Central America bought Billy for cheap and mounted him with other BF Goodrich and Goodyear and Toyo tires all on one car. The rims did not match. And, the driver did not know how to drive.

      On only his third night out with this kid, the kid had been drinking too many beers at the club trying to impress the chica and he hit a curb and blew up the rim and tire.

      Billy's original legacy was long forgotten and now he just ended up in the dump ready to be burned up in a trash pile.

      Moral to the story: If the world was perfect, it wouldn’t be.