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    • Wow, what a trip report. I loved every word and photo (great as always) of it.

      I still can't get over my shock about how popular National Parks and monuments have become. All the places I never thought twice about visiting that hardly had any people — Half Dome, Mt. Whitney, the Wave — now require permits & lotteries. Imagine how insane it would be if they didn't. It's so counterintuitive to me that interest in these places has grown so much faster than the population at a time when we have so many more things to do like Netflix and video games.

      The article about Katie Lee was riveting! I never knew about her.

    • I pulled into the parking lot at 6am. This location has gotten absolutely insane with, even though sunrise lighting might not be best (maybe 5am it was better?), and, guessing sunset would be better but I also suspect that after 8am even using the required shuttled parking area 1/2 mile away is full. Or, 5am to be sure. :)

    • Everything I have read about The Wave which could also parallel the other locations you mentioned are the up/downside to the Internet and Instagram. It is a different world nowadays and there is no going back. The good news is that as more people visit these wonderful places, I am hopeful the outdoors will effect peoples attitudes about everything. The bad news is that there will always be 10% of the visiting population that trash/thrash and disregard the beauty of any particular place.

      All I know, is I am going to keep exploring.....:)

    • Wow and Canada’s parks are booming too. I would never have guessed the park service would boom like this because of the Internet, but cool. Unintended good consequences.

    • So stoked. I outputed this image to 60" x 40" and pumped up the color a bit to make it better for resale....This will be fun to sell and see in various business lobbies here in the southwest.

    • My last film camera was the Nikon F100....and, I bet if I shot it with some Velvia100 it would be pretty spectacular...BUT, taking that to the lab and even printed to 20x30 would be literally 5x the cost of just uploading this file to my commercial printer. If I sent this file in for a backlit poster paper (3mil vinyl) at this size it would only cost me $20...hahahahahah So, from a resales standpoint if I can keep my costs under $100 for this size then you can put a reasonable markup and in the world of IPHONE photography you can still sell it for a decent price.