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    • So stoked. I outputed this image to 60" x 40" and pumped up the color a bit to make it better for resale....This will be fun to sell and see in various business lobbies here in the southwest.

    • My last film camera was the Nikon F100....and, I bet if I shot it with some Velvia100 it would be pretty spectacular...BUT, taking that to the lab and even printed to 20x30 would be literally 5x the cost of just uploading this file to my commercial printer. If I sent this file in for a backlit poster paper (3mil vinyl) at this size it would only cost me $20...hahahahahah So, from a resales standpoint if I can keep my costs under $100 for this size then you can put a reasonable markup and in the world of IPHONE photography you can still sell it for a decent price.