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    • I am a man obsessed with kayaking adventures now. I have penciled in 10 days for the Sea of Cortez and basecamping with some old friends in La Paz in January 2019. 4th of July on the south shore of Lake Tahoe 2019. Once you start dabbling in cake, eventually you will need to step up your game to cheesecake. LOL So, found this blog post yesterday and it hits ALL THE MARKS for a supreme adventure trip. June, 2020, start off by doing a 4+ day kayak camping circumnavigation of Beaver Island on their newly developed water trail. Check this link out -

      And, then maybe head into downtown urban Detroit and try and capture a glimpse of the slow metamorphosis that is happening from ghetto to successful urban renovation with some gentrification. I saw this guy do a presentation as he was invited to speak at the Downtown Vegas Coalition - Peter Cummings

      I have been to and experienced every other of the 49 states but Michigan is going to happen in 2020!

    • In 2020 we'll most likely be returning to the US from South America and our adventure will be continuing, I've been on the road since 2011 covering over 300,000+kms...

      2020 will bring a change to lighter bikes, less luggage and more remote areas, it will be the begining of a new chapter to 'try' and create and ride the longest (combined) off road track in the world, non stop.

      Since 2011 I have been collecting tracks which I am linking together and to date it covers 119,000km thru 74 countries. I still have more than a few gaps that need to be joined to make it complete...but its getting there

    • oh but i have, these are ridden tracks 323,000km since 2011 that I have recorded tracks of, more like 400k with whats missing, this is another new adventure carrying on from what I've already ridden and make this map even redder than it is right now

      Africa is a big missing chunk that needs filling in but having lived there in the 80's and 90's it has never been super high on my list to return until now.