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    • Has anyone here used an altitude tent to increase their performance? It's getting more popular for athletes to make their bedrooms into a high altitude chamber of sorts. They seal it up and use a special pump that controls the CO2 levels. source of picture

    • I've always wondered about them! We always hear that athletes do best living at 8,000' and I've wondered if a hypoxic tent is equivalent. I tried to rent one before climbing with @Kevin in the Sierras, but too many 💰💰💰 were involved.

    • I’m also curious as to how many hours per day you have to spend in it besides sleeping to actually trigger your body to start producing more red blood cells?

      I think that altitude acclimation kicks in after 3-5 days and you’ll need about 1-2 weeks to start seeing results while spending 24 hours per day at altitude.

    • Sleeping hours is enough to acclimatize though I don't know how long it takes or if it can be sped up by spending more hours in it. When climbing it takes a day for every 1000' or so I've read. I guess it varies a bit depending on the person.

    • Yeah it'd definitely help but then as long as you aren't sleeping at altitude I wouldn't be worried about it unless you wanted to make sure you weren't slowing up the other person. I never considered renting this equipment but it definitely makes sense for trips like you are talking about.

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