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    • cvdavis

      I'm curious how long it'll be before programmers figure out how to make singing AI programs that dominate the album charts.

    • Eddieb

      I think current 'Pop' music is over halfway there with the amount of producing done to it.

    • Ri

      How will we know it has happened?

    • kikoteixeira

      It is never going to happen

    • wx

      Well, the voice itself isn't what separates one singer from another (except maybe in the opera world.) Good voices seem to be pretty common.The magic of popularity is a mix of appearance, personality, style, genre and probably more than I can think of. Don't underestimate the power of sex appeal. I don't see a machine ever replacing human performers. They'd only be a novelty.

      Now, there's the issue of who writes the songs. I have no doubt that if anyone can ever make a machine that writes hit songs, that thing will be worn to death in a NY minute.

    • Chris
      Chris MacAskill

      But what about Adele - Someone Like You? She just walks to the front of the stage with a single piano accompanying her with no pyrotechnics or dancing, and blows everyone away.

    • flei

      Do the voices even need to sound "real" for the song to be popular? For example, Daft Punk has been making very popular music since 1993 using computer technology mimicing human voices.

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