Reverse lens is a cheap technique to open whole new world in front of your eyes. I remember coupling an old Yashica 50mm lens on my super zoom sony cyber shot H5 which gave me extreme magnification. One day i thought to focus on a white dust sticking on hibiscus plant in lawn, i was totally amazed to witness whole colony of tiny mealybugs and ants feeding and guarding those mealybugs.

The tech is simple, just reverse a lens (use an adapter or a duct tape) zoom for higher magnification and move back and forth for perfect focus, a slight breath can make drastic shift in focus plane if you are in magnifying drastically, here focus peaking in H5 was extremely useful, focus stacking helps but it requires more practice and training. unfortunately i gave up on macros in 2008 :(

Ant extracts sap from plant and transfers to another ants until sap is delivered to mealybugs, there was always a guardian ant chasing my intruding camera and showing off sharp teeth. I had more from this set can't find at moment.