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    • Here's a 16 year old TED talk by Malcolm Gladwell that explores human taste preferences, with some history about tomato sauces, and how humans often do not seem to really know what they do actually want. This is also apparently true about coffee, and Starbucks seems to have proved it beyond any doubt

      The video quality is poor, but Mr Gladwell offers us much to think about in regard to taste preferences, and perhaps a bit more about human choices.

      He is an excellent speaker and very entertaining, even with the cluttered background. Forunately, the audio track is pretty good.

      I love the way he can introduce his viewers to subjects that they might not have thought they were that interested in.

    • I love reading his stuff. I have some good stories that will blow your mind that I’m finally going to tell in my food channel: the stories of Graham Crackers and Miller Lite are the first two. Oh my God, the food companies are genius marketers.

    • The video was pretty interesting. And raises a question to my mind. Is it true and if so, why is always mostly or only for profit such research work being conducted? Could it be used for more generous society's education and enrichment of values?