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    • ThePG

      My first Cake post and I chose one of my favorite subjects. Many of my bison photos are taken at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. A former US Army chemical weapons plant, nature has slowly reclaimed the space. It is now host to an array of wildlife including bison, mule deer, white-tail deer, coyotes, raccoons, eagles, hawks, and more. The bison herd has over 15,000 acres to graze and there is a rumored expansion being discussed. I will continue to post bison pictures in this conversation. I hope you enjoy them.

    • bryanesler

      Really like the effect on this!

    • ThePG

      A male at rest. This was taken in the fall as the sun was setting. It was a challenge getting this image as the rest of the herd was surrounding this fellow. I was limited in camera angles as well since people are restricted to where they can go when in the bison area of the refuge,

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