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    • Many of you are probably familiar with Paul Krugman who writes for the New York Times. He's a former winner of the Nobel prize for economics. He is known for his anti-Republican economic policy as well as simplifying economics by eliminating jargon and complexity. He also does this when he writes his academic papers. This book is a compilation of articles he's written since 2004 and is for a lay audience with an interest in economics and economic policy - particularly in the United States. Even though it's about the USA economy and USA political policy, it helps the reader of any advanced economy understand economic and fiscal policy better. It's easy to read, interesting, enlightening and helps make sense of the current American situation both politically and economically.

      The current covid trend of using massive government expenditures and stimulus is indicative of a massive reemergence of Keynsesian economics. Krugman's book talks about some of the historical push back against such ideas by the Republicans. He also talks about the Republican agenda of reducing taxes on the wealthy, reducing social programs and how they do this. Lots of sections in the book talk about the lack of academic work or evidence for things the Republicans want or have brought into effect and why this is so. Krugman is alarmed at what is happening in the USA and does a good job of building a case for why there is a great need for exposing the direction the Republicans have taken the United States. Chapters cover: social inequality, Obamacare, housing bubble, austerity, the euro, deficity scolds, tax cuts, trade wars, growing inequality, socialism, climate change, Trumnp and media. The range of topics covered is quite large.

      The book is a good read even if you've read most of Krugman's columns in the last 16 years, as his past writings are organized into a way that helps build a narrative that makes sense. I think it's well worth the read if you're into economics, politics, fiscal policy and just want to understand more about how government and policy work. It's insightful for democrats and republicans alike.

      I'm not much in the mood to write so I'll leave it at that. Feel free to ask me any questions about the book.

    • Ooooo, I love him, especially his theory that tax cuts to stimulate the economy don’t work but it’s a zombie theory that keeps coming back from the dead.

      I gonna buy the book.