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    • Tonight marks the return of the Expanse - now season 4.

      For those who have forgotten bits of the previous three seasons which are well worth watching, here is a humorous recap. Be forewarned, the speaker, Kevin Smith, is a potty mouth, so this video is not workspace safe....

      For some reason, The Expanse Season 4 was available to stream on Amazon last night, so I watched a couple chapters - Great news, it is as good or better than before, and I read online that Amazon has greenlighted Season 5 as well.

      So those of us who are Expanse fans, will be happy for a while longer. Great news!

      Here is the trailer for Season 4

    • Happy to see an unsolicited recommendation from someone I respect so highly. Thanks for sharing, @Pathfinder! I need something interesting to watch now that the weather has turned cold and the nights are so long. 📺

    • Yes, Kevin's over view was an entertaining and helpful reminder of how the story began and has grown in the previous 3 seasons. But not work safe. 🤗