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    • I haven't played an RTS in a long time. I love the fantasy genre and always liked the Warcraft series. I've been waiting for Blizzard to make Warcraft 4 forever but they're still milking their ca$h cow....World of Warcraft.

      The way I've always played those games though: Completely wipe out nature by stripping all the mines and clearing all of the forests and horde as many resources as possible. The fun thing about the games is sometimes you find some secret after clearing a really big, annoying forest.

    • Do any of you play RimWorld? It has a really nice RTS-ish vibe but it's very much about the story and not achieving any particular goals. I think I've logged almost 700 hours in it.

    • I think I bought it slightly after the Kickstarter ended but didn't play a lot until a couple of years ago. It's a solid game with probably the best modding community I've ever seen. About half of the new features in the last two or three versions of the game were basically just merging popular mods into the game.

      It's very ambitious. Almost meant to be a Dwarf Fortress successor but without quite as much depth and no z-levels (without mods, at least).

      It's been in development for about five years, I think, and 1.0 is coming out on Oct 17, 2018 (with a price increase to follow, so if you want it, get it now).

      It's one of those games that's focused on generating a really fun story and lives up to that promise a lot. I've had many games where a single pawn becomes this really amazing, useful central character and you just want to follow them around forever.

      (thanks for the welcome! I joined awhile back but wanted to lurk for awhile first)