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    • I was in Cuba 2016 and 2018 and stayed with the same family twice in Trinidad and the grandmother made the best Ropa Vieja, so I asked her if she was willing to share the recipe. She was 83 and got it from her grandmother.

      She wrote out step by step instructions...

      and signed it...

      it tasted and 'SMELLED' amazing

    • Any pic of 2 stroke bikes, I get the smell as if I’m hanging over the pit wall waiting for the start lights to go out or at the mx track.

      Love that smell

    • Australian road kill is the worst I've come across, been lucky to ride motorcycles on most continents.

      The smell of a rotting Kangaroo or Wombat is really nasty I don't know what makes it so bad, might be something about large marsupials or their diet.

    • The odor didn't really catch my nose. It was the sight of the swallowtail on the blue gill carcass. Swallowtails do not eat fish that I know of.

      I KNOW swallowtails are usually chasing nectar on flowers when I photograph them, but wiki says adults also sip mud and manure. Who knew??