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    • "Judge Brandts-Giesen said he sympathised with Nichol and said while he could understand what he did, "that is simply not acceptable"."

      I love this section of road and there is a perfect place to safely stop plus a few others and get a good pic, but idiots do stop in very inappropriate places on blind crests or sharp narrow corners.

      The most popular viewing spot is well signposted as a viewing area and photo site.

      The road to Glenorchy narrow and twisty with many blind rises.

      The locals must get frustrated with some tourists, in this case he local would have been better staying at home and chilling and enjoying the view, he had the necessary gear😂

    • You folks have some truly awesome scenery. I planned a visit this year but had to scrape it the last moments. Would have to be on two wheels for me, and that perhaps would interfere less, when parked.

    • I've always found NZ drivers to be very bike friendly and bike aware, I've never experienced any road rage in 6 visits.

      Drivers in NZ often pull over and allow bikes to pass or wave bikes past.

      It has to be one of the best countries for motorcycle touring, they have stunning scenery and great roads, both sealed and dirt.

      The main thing to keep an eye on is other tourists usually in camper vans.

    • One thing I notice, is it just me, or is it true that motorcycles parked on side stand lean the "correct" way (away from the road) in new Zealand and of course Oz too?!

    • We drive on the left and the sidestand is on the left so bikes lean away from the road. when you stop in the direction of travel.

      The photo of the yellow GS is unusual, as the photo/viewing bay at Bennetts bluff is on the left of the road traveling north but the bike was traveling south, so is facing oncoming traffic in the closest lane.

      Street view may explain it better:

    • in all honesty, the rage was over stupid & careless behaviour. If you want a nasty experience try riding/driving below speed limit in Swiss alps, or in any of their towns, and good luck looking for and finding road names in real time, for that matter (hint - they're sometimes posted on small inscriptions on building's corners).

    • Everyone's sympathy is with the road "rager", mine included. I hear about incidents of road rage against innocent people that leave equipment destroyed, people hurt or killed and lives wrecked. It was refreshing to hear of an incident where someone was an idiot in traffic and someone else who had a perfect right to be angry, did not go to extremes, but made their feelings perfectly clear in a fairly amusing fashion. A bit like the stories you hear of Canadian politeness.

    • So the car was parked in the middle of the road, and he takes the keys and throws them? Now how are they gonna move the car?🤔
      Being a New Zealander, it seems to me that people are getting worse at most things to do with driving especially stopping in silly places and parking between the lines 😢