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    • I stumbled across a website that offers methods and non-permament, OS modifying software to open up a bunch of new functionality to Canon's wide variety of PnS cameras. I have two, SX710HS & an old D10. These two units primarily live in my motorcycle jackect attached to a lanyard for shoot-on-the-go picturetaking without having to stop.

      The website is CHDK -

      Looks pretty interesting. Gonna have to find Windoze machine to add the file to the Fat32 formatted SC card as provided by the camera.

      Have any of you tried it?

    • mac can format that too Ace. Good luck.
      I once looked at it with an older camera but never got around to actually doing it.
      Get to it man! 👍🏻

    • For years I hacked my Canons with Magic Lantern and it was great. I could get things like a sound meter to display on the back so I could tell my audio levels while recording video. And I could get manual audio control so during quiet periods of recording the camera didn't turn up the gain and cause hiss in the recording. I loved Magic Lantern for as long as I owned Canons.