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    • Great discussion on the existential threat of artificial general intelligence with psychologist Steven Pinker and MIT lecturer Lex Fridman. Spoiler: Pinker thinks the arguments for an existential threat are incoherent and downright silly. As usual, Pinker is rational, persuasive and good humored. Fridman's MIT class on artificial intelligence has a great series of lectures by some of the heaviest hitters in the field including Max Tegmark, Ray Kurzweil, Stephen Wolfram, Christof Koch and others, Some are rather technical, but I'm not an software engineer and could follow most of it. Recommended.

    • I went to school for linguistics and cognitive science back in the day, and I do likes me some Pinker -- the guy speaks casually in well-structured paragraphs. He's a very clear thinker. WRT potential AI dangers, though, what I've heard from him in the past bordered on merely an argument from incredulity, and I was not particularly impressed. Will have to give this a watch.

    • By all means, do watch it. Pinker sometimes seems pathologically optimistic to me, but more often than not he can back up his claims with evidence.