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    • Probably everyone has friends who go low-carb and credit it with at least short-term weight loss and feeling better. I never know what carb means, but I usually assume pastries, donuts, etc. Seems obvious it would improve health to reduce them.

      There was a big study in the Lancet published a couple weeks ago and I've had time to ponder it and hear its critics. Food versus health studies are so emotional...

      I've come to believe it's an extremely credible study with a few unmistakable conclusions:

      1. If you seek to replace carbs with animal-based sources of protein and fat, then the average reduction of lifespan is 4 years.

      2. If you are very high carb, you are probably taking in a lot of refined carbs like soda, and it too is associated with reduced lifespan, but not as much.

      3. If you replace carbs with plant-based sources of protein and fat, the loss of life expectancy can be much lower but it depends on the source. Lentils, nuts, veggies seem fine.

    • Those are some interesting conclusions, and great to seem them based on an actual study.

      I tend to believe most "diets" people go on that just cut out a singular food group or have some strange restriction tend to do more harm in the long term. It's not science based, just common sense based to me.

      Our bodies need a lot of different nutrients, from different sources. Unless your diet is being monitored by a doctor, cutting out a single food group because of some fad just seems like a bad idea.

      Glad to see my common sense "eat in moderation" seems to align with "live longer"(at least in general).

    • I do have to express my respect for people who cut way back on things like soda, alcohol, candy, & animal foods—and increase their consumption things we know are associated with health like veggies, fruit and beans.