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    • So for gamers, there's an amazing wealth of indie games out there just waiting to be discovered. And we're a great opportunity for you to discover them for the cost of one discounted indie game per month ($5.00).

      For the VCs that we pitch, it's really the nuances of the industry. By which I mean we see major companies like Amazon, Google, Apple and others all announcing they are doing some kind of game streaming. And that tends to scare investors that we're talking to. But what I wish they understood is that those companies are going after those very high-end, triple AAA flashy section of the market. Game streaming is very technically complicated and expensive, so these major companies are looking to offset that cost by providing triple AAA games that typically cost $60 per game. With Jump, what we've built is technology that works today - all these other companies have announced services, but they aren't launching until next year at the soonest, because the tech is not ready - and we have over 100 games on our platform. We provide near-instant access to all the games on the platform - no latency, no quality issues. We are delivering a better experience that what streaming would deliver. And we're able to do it at orders of magnitude less cost. So what this enables us to do this year is actually launch a completely FREE tier, it's ad-supported for Jump, akin to Spotify. This free tier will give us something that these major companies could never compete with, and it allows gamers to try our service for literally nothing, so that we can establish our position in the market with our technology before these companies even start.

      And for game developers, really what we want them to understand is that there are more ways to monetize your game than heavily discounting it, putting it in HumbleBundles, or Steam Sales. Subscription services like ours can provide revenue simply based on playtime. So you can expose your game to way more people, and still monetize them, even if your game is several years old. It's a new revenue generation opportunity for them, a new piece of the life cycle for a game.

      We've had it happen a few times where fans discover games and really get into them thanks to Jump. Pony Island is one of those games. It was reasonably popular, sold 200,000 copies or so, but not a whole lot of people knew it existed, and thanks to Jump a lot of people have fallen in love with it because it's really twisted and dark and weird. So they started contacting the dev who's on our Discord server.

    • User experience and design is really everything for a platform that focuses on discovery.

      We need to make it as easy as possible for our users to find what they are looking for, and we have plenty more features for curation on the way.

      For curation right now, we list out sets of genres, but we will be adding a recommendation engine. We'll also add things like influencer favorite games, and if you follow that influencer, you can see what they like on Jump. So there will be the logical element of the recommendation element, but also the human element of recommendation.

      Designing easy ways to track that is important.