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    • The inspiration for Jump came from the fact that we were game developers when we founded the company.

      And we saw 2 major problems in the industry as game developers that were starting to bubble up, and now are significant problems.

      The first problem was the sheer number of gaming devices that you can now release content on, and the business models are always shifting on those, so it's hard as a game developer to keep up with the changing industry, particularly in the early 2010's.

      And the much bigger problem, problem two, is discoverability for game developers and gamers. As of now, there's an average of 600 games that launch every day across devices. As a small game developer trying to figure out how to reach ANY audience, let alone your target audience, it becomes more and more difficult, and continues to get even more difficult.

      So with that in mind, we created Jump as a solution for both multi-platform releases and to solve discovery for both gamers and game developers.