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    • Great question. I think it's that really anybody can create a game, it doesn't matter what your background is.

      You can be an engineer, an artist, a designer, or somebody who's never worked in games before. The tools are now so intuitive that pretty much anyone can create a game. But what that's caused is a massive influx of new content into the world, and so that's where the problem of discovery has bubbled up. And a lot of indie developers start it as a part-time job in night times or weekends, and that means they don't have any kind of marketing dollars to be able to compete with the major titles that spend significant advertising dollars.

      A lot of indie games are labors of love that never really make money. But that doesn't mean they are insignificant or bad games. They are often incredible titles that go unrecognized or don't get the notoriety they deserve.