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    • The Shawshank Redemption is on most peoples top 10 movies of all time. I watched it for the umptheenth time last week. Normally I don't critique a movie, but I wondered what made this so good?

      For me:

      1: The lack of explicit violence / sex. The rape scenes are implied, the beatings by the guards are shown but not in "tarantino" close up with brains and blood everywhere.
      The film doesn't need to show gratuitous violence in close up and is, by far the better for it.

      2: Morgan Freeman: His voice overs, delivered in that amazing voice.

      3: the portrayal of criminals as failed humans. I don't think we ever find out what crime Freeman's character committed but there is no doubt that he regrets it and is ready to return to society when released.

      4: The plot is believable. It is easy to imaging Andy chipping away at the wall each night.

      The final crawl through 500 yards of maure filled pipe to freedom.

      Wearing the wardens' shoes back to his cell.

      It felt like a film that wasn't rushed in getting to the conlusion.

      5: The theme of friendship throughout the film. Robbins and Freeman have an enduring friendship that is portrayed so well in the film.

      Anyone else agree / disagree?

    • I agree! Great review. ❤️ Now I will have to watch it again. I've only seen it once but like everyone else, I loved it.

      What is it about Morgan Freeman? It's kindof incredible that it took him so long to break through but then when he did he became so prolific a star. He was 50 when he was nominated for his first Oscar and 67 before he won. After 50, his career just seems unbelievable.

      He said he thought the reason Shawshank Redemption bombed at the box office was the name.

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