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    • Next on my list...since I am 14 miles down from Searchlight, Nevada was to drop my jetski and trailer at the Roadhouse, lock it up, and head to Laughlin to shoot the fireworks....It was about 7pm when I arrived and the fireworks started at 9:30pm. It was about 105 degrees which is actually not too hot for this time of year...I was not quite sure where the fireworks go off....but, it turned out my fireworks were not very impressive but the surprise experience capped off a wonderful 4th of July!

    • I had this idea to go "high" and look down on the riverfront but ended up on the Bullhead City Colorado River waterfront....I drove into a mostly empty parking area and pulled up alongside a couple and their daughter...they were in their 30's and the daughter was maybe 6/7/8? I have no idea how old kids are.

      They were cool peeps from Bakersfield and we just had casual converstations about stuff....then the girls went to the bathroom and the guy informs me he is going to propose marriage during the fireworks finales. Whaaaaaaaat? He didn't ask but I exclaimed..."I gotta shoot that...!!"

      So, I show him some camera angles (which it didn't turn out like that) and the big light in the parking lot gave us some horrific lighting.....but, as a guy who does not shoot weddings, does not go to weddings and never been married, it nows seems we are friends for life and I will be invited to their was really so perfect!

    • So great to see a young couple really doing great things for the young daughter and they love road trips and camping.....Hugs and high-fives all around. I wish them well...

      I got home around 1am and I could hardly wait to see my images.....

      Happy Birthday Amerika and Congratulations to Dylan and Kayla!