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    • I'm looking for a few select people who would be interested in helping me with some research and outreach for information.

      There are sections of this route that are difficult to flesh out due to lack of good maps. (I'm currently 400 - 500 digital maps and topo's dating between 1880 and 1927)
      I'm hoping that I didn't find all there is.

      I could use some help in Alliance, Ohio to get the word out to the general public that I'm looking for anyone who remembers or knows of Charles or his wife.

      Those are a couple of research needs, but I have more.
      I can't pay you but will gladly give you credit in the book.

      You can read more here

      - Shogs

    • you are a treasure and I’m in awe of the work you’re doing on this. I wish I knew how to help but you’re mikes ahead of me on this.

    • Neat project! I hope you find what you’re looking for. (Unfortunately I don’t have any connections in that part of Ohio.)