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    • yesterday marked the beginning of "Día de Muertos" or as known in the English translation "The day of the dead" an often misunderstood festival mostly known for it's colorful sugar sculls (Calaveras) that now adorn pretty much anything that they can be slapped on these days...but i digress

      the true meaning of this time is to remember and honor deceased relatives and loved ones, but it truly is a festival of life as it is a time to reflect upon not only the dead but also the living and how we ourselves are living our own lives and how we interact and treat those around us.

      to me, it is a time to reflect on my own life and think if how i have lead my life will be celebrated or vilified after i am gone. i don't know about you, but i would rather be known for the good i was able to do while i passed through this mortal coil and so i will continue down that path until i am no more

      the photo is an image of my wife Miki and i that i created years back for her for valentine's day, she is the love of my life and i always want to do good by her in life...and in death, and as you can see in the image, i have truly given my heart to her forevermore do you want to be remembered?

    • been following your work for a while on g+, instagram and elsewhere. I think it is quite incredible what you are able to do with your images. Just saying :)

    • I would like to be remembered for the good I have done. For the people I have helped while working in the Emergency Services world; for the kids of strangers I have helped when my kids brought home strays; for my children who have grown to be good people in their own right with kids of their own. When I say 'I' I mean we, as my wife has been right there alongside me since we were teenagers.

      I understand however that I will only be remembered by the world outside of my immediate family for my transgressions, both real and fancied.

      Bill the Bard said it perfectly:

      The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interr'd with their bones.