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    • Dumpling or jiǎozi (饺子),are ubiquitous in China. The reason we eat dumplings on Chinese New Year is they resemble ”元宝” (Sycee or YuanBao), a form of old Chinese currency that's basically little nuggets of gold and silver. Therefore the similarly shaped dumplings have become a symbol of prosperity and wealth in the coming year. 

      Here is the epiphany: I was editing the video of my recent talk on Cross-cultural design, where 
      The Chinese character Home  is “家” (jiā).

      It consists of two pictorial components a roof “宀” (mián) on the top and a pig  “豕” (shǐ) beneath. The roof radical 宀 in Chinese is called 宝盖头 (bǎo ɡài tóu), which literally translated to “Treasure (宝) Canopy (盖头)”.  The “treasure” 宝 is the same character from the word of the ancient Chinese currency sycee ”元宝”, its literal meaning is "inaugural treasures", which is the form of the dumpling 🥟 based on!

      Dumpling 🥟+ Year of Pig 🐷 = Home 🏠

      Dumpings are so much more than you might think. And I hope you consider voting for the Dumpling Emoji as "Emoji of the Year" for the Shorty Awards!