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    • That's so cool. I had no idea these emojis were made possible by a Kickstarter campaign, or that they were created by people who just really wanted them to exist and did what it took to make that happen.

      Now they'll live forever in Unicode!


    • Dumpling or jiǎozi (饺子),are ubiquitous in China. The reason we eat dumplings on Chinese New Year is they resemble ”元宝” (Sycee or YuanBao), a form of old Chinese currency that's basically little nuggets of gold and silver. Therefore the similarly shaped dumplings have become a symbol of prosperity and wealth in the coming year. 

      Here is the epiphany: I was editing the video of my recent talk on Cross-cultural design, where 
      The Chinese character Home  is “家” (jiā).

      It consists of two pictorial components a roof “宀” (mián) on the top and a pig  “豕” (shǐ) beneath. The roof radical 宀 in Chinese is called 宝盖头 (bǎo ɡài tóu), which literally translated to “Treasure (宝) Canopy (盖头)”.  The “treasure” 宝 is the same character from the word of the ancient Chinese currency sycee ”元宝”, its literal meaning is "inaugural treasures", which is the form of the dumpling 🥟 based on!

      Dumpling 🥟+ Year of Pig 🐷 = Home 🏠

      Dumpings are so much more than you might think. And I hope you consider voting for the Dumpling Emoji as "Emoji of the Year" for the Shorty Awards!