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    • Hello. I had to take a break, but now I'm back (and now have Gloria Gaynor in my head even though that's not the exact lyric).

      When I first read this topic I couldn't imagine coming up with an image to share for it. Having just come back from Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin my initial thoughts were to use a piece of architecture as my grateful piece of art. Plenty of images to share for that. Then as I sat here this morning and looked at a quote I have taped to a file cabinet in my office I knew the right answer and the right image.

      Art is Not What You See, But What You Make Others See." ~Edgar Degas

      One of my favorite artists. Yes, I'm biased because I took ballet and danced for over 30 years, but his sense of movement, the colors he used and the relationships between the dancers in his paintings made me able to lose myself in them. My absolute favorite piece of his though is the sculpture "Little Dancer Aged Fourteen." So, I'm grateful for this little dancer, she reminds me of my years of dance, Degas reminds me what art is and I try to live by his words in my own work.

    • Great photo, Lauri. I was imagining where the lights were to make it so vivid. It really pops.

      Hmmm... Piece of art. I should say something that Michelangelo did because I'm swept away by so many things he created.

      But strangely I'm going to say the art of the motorcycle. I don't know why, but beautiful motorcycles like Nortons just make me stare every time. I seem to have been born with this strange attraction.

    • Thanks Chris. This was an image that I knew in my head when I shot it what the final image looked like. I have limited photoshop skills and worked it a bit in lightroom but at the time was going through a mentorship with someone who helped me perfect it. Here are the original and the 'next' image prior to the final.

      I love that you see art in a motorcycle. There is art in everything and this is a good point. Same with classic and antique cars, totally pieces of art.