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    • Great photo, Lauri. I was imagining where the lights were to make it so vivid. It really pops.

      Hmmm... Piece of art. I should say something that Michelangelo did because I'm swept away by so many things he created.

      But strangely I'm going to say the art of the motorcycle. I don't know why, but beautiful motorcycles like Nortons just make me stare every time. I seem to have been born with this strange attraction.

    • Thanks Chris. This was an image that I knew in my head when I shot it what the final image looked like. I have limited photoshop skills and worked it a bit in lightroom but at the time was going through a mentorship with someone who helped me perfect it. Here are the original and the 'next' image prior to the final.

      I love that you see art in a motorcycle. There is art in everything and this is a good point. Same with classic and antique cars, totally pieces of art.