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    • @Chris @Vilen

      Today, there is a "conversation" at the top of my home feed that has a picture in its original post that irritates me. I would like to be able to "hide" that conversation from my home feed so that I don't see it over and over again. I don't want to quit following the topic and I have no problem with the user who started the conversation in question, it is just a picture that is an irritant to me.

    • Thanks, Shewmaker. Thomas Hawk made this feature request too and we've been talking about it. I'm walking a fairly delicate line here because I want to acknowledge that we hear and understand your request and very much appreciate you bringing it up. The thing is I also wouldn't want to set false expectations or commit the engineering team to something hard when their lists are so long.

      It turns out a lot of engineering goes behind the feed to make it fast and to get all the right vertical alignments without too much jumping around, etc.